A rarity

Today I have a rarity, a free day so after I have done a few little jobs, I will have the opportunity to write for a few hours. I am writing a YA book which, as I have said before, I am hoping to finish this year, but alongside it, I am also writing a script for a short film. I realised the other day how important it is to be organised as a writer. Maybe this is something I should’ve known from the start, and I did- to an extent but I realised just how crucial it was that I was organised, especially as I am working on two projects. However, when I talk about organisation, I don’t just mean organising your time- although that is important, I mean, organising your thoughts, because if you don’t have a clear idea of where you’re story, or script for that matter is going, then your message, whatever that message might be, will be less likely to come across in your writing. Of course you can change your mind, that is one of the joys of writing, in my opinion, is that you don’t have to stick to a plan, but having a plan and a sense of where your piece of writing is going is essential to helping you craft it. From now on, I will be trying to post daily, so watch this space for more posts!

Thanks for reading.

See you soon!


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