An annoyance

I know this isn’t tomorrow, as I said it would be in my last post but I’ve been having a lot of technical problems with my laptop lately, so apologies. As most of my writing is done on my computer, that also means some of my writing hasn’t been done. As I write most of my stuff on my laptop, the technical issues could’ve been an easy excuse to forget about my writing for a while. But instead I turned to my writer’s notebook and jotted down ideas for the characters, for the plot lines, for anything that came to mind. I haven’t been able to get these ideas into my story yet, but hopefully they will get there soon- if my laptop decides to cooperate for more than five minutes. If not I will just keep on writing in my notebook. It is so easy in this day and age to find excuses not to write, but keep writing, no matter the setback. You might get ideas you never would’ve thought of otherwise. Look for a way to turn a negative into a positive. For anybody that has just started writing, my one piece of advice would be to carry a notebook and a pen. Because whilst a laptop is useful, if you are out and about and you get an idea and you don’t have a notebook, you’ll forget the idea, well you will, if your memory is anything like mine.

See you tomorrow (fingers crossed)



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