So it’s tomorrow and I am writing a blog post- yay! I am still having minor technical issues with my laptop but hopefully they will clear up soon. Yesterday after writing my blog post, I entered my first short story competition! Double yay! I know I may not win, but having the challenge of writing the short story and the satisfaction of submitting it is beyond words. If anyone would like to vote for my short story please visit http://www.mashstories.com, I would appreciate it. The challenge with a short story is trying to get all the elements of a full-length novel and condense them into a word limit. Personally I think short stories are an excellent way of writing as they challenge you in terms of the word limit, but when editing my novel when it is finished- my thought process will be- “If this was a short story, what would need to be in it?” as I believe this is an effective way of making sure all the positives of your story remain in the edited version and it makes you think about the essential elements of your novel.

See you tomorrow!



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