I have been out with my best friend, Phoebe today, and it reminded me of how the majority of books in the bestseller’s chart aren’t about friendship. Most of them are about love or celebrities and it was then it occurred to me how much we take something as amazing as a friendship for granted. I think it would be save to say that most of us have gone through a period in our lifetime when we needed the advice and support of  a friend. What if that friend hadn’t been there? How would it have affected us? If you haven’t seen or texted a friend recently, do so. Nothing hurts more than losing touch with a friend you were once really close with-trust me I’ve been there. I am currently reading a sample of the book: “The Friendship Pact” by Tara Taylor Quinn, which is about two friends from completely different backgrounds which I believe reflects the friendships made in today’s society. Many of us have friends from different backgrounds or cultures or religions and I think it is important to appreciate and encourage the diversification that exists within friendships. If you are looking for a good book about friendship, then I would recommend “The Friendship Pact” but only for readers aged 16+ due to certain themes within the novel. Never take a friend for granted. It could be one of the worst mistakes you ever make.

See you tomorrow!



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