Family and writing

To all of you who celebrate it, Happy Easter! I hope you have all had fun and not scoffed too much chocolate (even if you have, you have to indulge once in a while, right?) I have spent the majority of the day at my grandparent’s house and it was great to be able to have a family meal. For any writer, the support of their family and also their friends is fundamental to the success of their writing. Family and friends can be excellent proof-readers, editors, critics, moral support and tea-makers (thanks Mum.) Never underestimate how important family and friends are, and if you are a writer and you get a piece of writing published, always make sure that you acknowledge the help and support of your friends and family. I feel incredibly lucky that I have a family who are incredibly supportive of my writing. If you have family who don’t support your writing, be patient with them and give them time. They’ll come around eventually. I hope all of you have had a lovely Bank Holiday whether it be by yourself, or with your loved ones.

See you tomorrow!



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