I am currently reading a book called “The Fearless” by Emma Pass which is a great book and if any of you reading this are interested in post-apocalyptic/dystopian  YA fiction, then I would definitely recommend this book- and that’s just from the first few pages. One of the keys to success when writing a novel is make the first line draw people in- a narrative hook. Make it something that is short and to the point. Nothing puts people off more than a lengthy opening line, so keep it short and sweet. Also, basic tip, but one that is very easily forgotten in the writing process, (I have had first-hand experience of this,) is to briefly set the scene, create an image in the reader’s mind from the word “Go!” Don’t make it heavily descriptive, as this may put off some readers. Save the detail for when the reader knows a bit more. Then, they are likely to emphasise more with the character and their situation.

So… those are my writing tips for today.

See you tomorrow!



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